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Keystoker 90/105

Keystoker 105
Keystoker 90
The single wall 90,000 BTU and the double wall 105,000 BTU stoker stoves use the patented built in heat exchanger and flat grate stoker. This design gives you the highest possible efficiency in a coal stove. The stove comes with a wall mountable Honeywell thermostat and two ash pans. Sit back and enjoy the warmth of the popular keystoker stove and the savings of using clean burning anthracite coal.

Standard Key Benefits

  • Constructed of heavy gauge American steel.
  • Cast iron grate.
  • Cast iron ash door.
  • Cast iron fire door.
  • No need to tend to this stove on a daily basis. It is designed for minimum cleaning and long life.
  • Honeywell thermostat controlls heat-output automatically.
  • Two ash pans make ash removal easy.
  • Ash pan can be carried with one hand.
  • 110 lb hopper
  • 10 year fire box warranty
  • Can be used in homes without chimneys when purchased with the direct-vent option.
  • To accommodate any chimney, this stove can be ordered with the flue exit to vent from the top or the bottom.

Stove Specifications

Keystoker 105

Keystoker 90

BTU's 105,000 90,000
Flue Exit Top/Rear Top/Rear
Flue Size 6" 6"
Height 39" 39"
Rear Flue Height 6" 6"
Depth 35" 35"
Width 23 ½" 23 ½"
Weight 355 305
Hopper Capacity 110 lb 110 lb
Convection Blower CFM 350 265
Glass Door Yes Yes
Side Clearance 8" 8"
Rear Clearance 0" 0"

Direct-Vent Option:    For homes without chimneys this stove can be ordered with the direct-vent option to vent directly through any wall to the outside. This is a factory installed option.
Thermostat Option:    The factory installed Coal-Trol T2 Thermostat is designed for precise regulation of a coal fire. It works by adjusting the fire to the precise size necessary, keeping temperature within one degree of the setting. It also automatically adjusts the speed of the convection blower according to the size of the fire.
Brass Fire Door Trim:    A solid brass trim is available to dress up your fire door. There are also 14 colors of Stove Bright High Temp Paint to choose from. Standard colors are metallic black and charcoal.

Hot Water Coil Option:    A stainless steel loop coil is used to pre-heat the water in your existing water heater.  Existing water heater must be within 10 feet of the stove to allow water to flow without a circulation pump. Coil can be installed on the right or left side when facing the stove.

Mini Furnace Option:    This stove can be turned into a mini furnace. The Keystoker 90 can be upgraded to a 350 CFM convection blower and the Keystoker 105 can be upgraded to a 500 CFM blower.  An optional 6" or 8" vent opening can be factory cut on top of the stove to allow for the connection of duct pipe where air can now be directed into another room or floor.
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Keystoker 90 Top or Back Vented Honeywell (analog) 
Keystoker 90 Top or Back Vented Coal-Trol (digital) 
Keystoker 90 Direct Vent Honeywell (analog) 
Keystoker 90 Direct Vent Coal-Trol (digital) 
Keystoker 105 Top Vented Honeywell (analog) 
Keystoker 105 Top Vented Coal-Trol (digital) 
Keystoker 105 Direct Vent Honeywell (analog) 
Keystoker 105 Direct Vent Coal-Trol (digital) 
Keystoker 105 Back Vented Honeywell (analog) 
Keystoker 105 Back Vented Coal-Trol (digital) 
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